Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the payback period and when I will be able to return the money invested?

Invested funds are repaid very quickly, one may say, at once (taking into account our speed of development).

The capitalization of the company increases with each new open restaurant and therefore the value of Your share also increases.

Now the estimated cost of "Sushi Master" is $230 million. It is not difficult to calculate how the value of the share of the investors who invested their money in September 2018 has increased, when capitalization was $100 million, and how it will increase in January 2020, when the market capitalization is $250 million.

The investor receives the main income after the company enters the IPO, then he can sell all his shares (or some part of them) and make good money on it. We aim IPO in May 2021th (in about a year and a half) with an estimated value of about $5 billion. We agree that this is a very ambitious goal, but we have everything we need to achieve it. Investments will grow by more than 20 times with a capitalization of $5 billion. That is, investments in the amount of $50 thousand will bring you $1 million.

We cannot guarantee for 100% that we can achieve this goal in such a time frame, but even if reaching capitalization of $5 billion takes three years, it will be an excellent result, too. See more in Alex's video message to investors in October 2019:

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What is the expected return?

Our long-term goal is:

- to open 30,000 restaurants around the world;

- to be the leader in the segment of "sushi delivery"in every city where we exist;

- to reach the estimated value the company at $100 billion.

To achieve this goal, we are guided by the Starbucks company, which currently has 30,000 coffee shops worldwide and is estimated at $100 billion. According to our calculations, it will take about 10-20 years to open such a large number of Sushi Master restaurants. But when we reach all these indicators, today's investment will grow by more than 400 times!

That is, the $50,000 invested today will bring you over $21 million when you reach this goal. In the short term, we plan (within six years) IPO with a market capitalization of $ 5 billion. And in this case, Your investment will grow by more than 20 times, which is also very good.

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Is there any risk that I will lose my money?

As the founder of a company, you can only lose your money in case of its bankruptcy.


But we excluded this risk. Bankruptcy is, as a rule, result of debt load and a situation when the company cannot fulfill the obligations. We found a way of development and scaling which does not demand attraction of the credits. Namely, it is selling a small stake in the company.


Because of this, we will soon completely get rid of all current credit obligations. And it will make our company even more stable in the market.

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May I get my money back early?

When you invest in a company, you do not credit it, but become its full co-owner. And, like any co-owner, you have the right to sell your share at any time.

There should be no problems with the sale, since the company's value is constantly growing, and very often we are personally interested in buying this share back. We have had the experience where the investor urgently needed money, and his share was bought out by the company.

We always try to meet our investors’ needs, but we can't guarantee a 100% buyout.

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Will I receive some kind of reporting, which will allow me to control my investments?

Investors and partners see our business in numbers and know everything about us! Each investor gets access to the PowerBI internal information system of the company.

In this system, he sees absolutely all the numbers: revenue, expenses, profit and all the possible indicators and the results of the company in online mode.

Besides, all investors have access to all records of work meetings of the team to see what decisions are made and why.

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Who is the head of the business and who does the team consist of?

At the helm of the company there is an experienced and ambitious Manager Alex Yanovsky.

Alex Yanovsky is a businessman with 27 years of practical experience in building and managing companies in the markets of USA, Europe, Russia and Ukraine.

Alex is the founder of the most global educational project for training entrepreneurs, creating and developing their businesses. Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs consider Alex to be number one on management and strategy in the world.

Now Alex dedicates all his regular time to the development of "Sushi Master" chain. He managed to assemble an ambitious and effective top management team capable of implementing the goal. The professionalism of the team is best indicated by the results of the company.

And our results today are the best on the market both in terms of sales and profitability of places. Besides, several top managers with more than a decade of experience in companies with billion-dollar turnover have recently joined our team.

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How the transaction is executed?

With all investors, two documents are drawn up: A loan agreement in which the return on investment is guaranteed and an Option agreement with the parent company, indicating the receipt of a share.

Thus, you get double protection of your investments: you become a co-owner and at the same time legally a creditor, to whom we are obliged to return the money if you decide to give up your share.

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What is an option?

This is a tool that allows selling shares in the business without having to amend the statutory registration documents of the company for each transaction. This is a very common investment model around the world.

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What are the guarantees?

The main guarantee for the investor is the stability and sustainability of the company, as well as the pace of its development. Every year for the past five years, we have twice increased the number of restaurants and sales of the chain. We finished 2019 with 304 working restaurants.

For 2020 we have confirmed funding to open another 300 restaurants. And even if we continue to work at the same pace, not increasing speed, then after three (3!) year we will have 2,000 restaurants. The company’s sustainability is provided by its business model.

Our business is diversified by countries and cities. All our restaurants are independent from each other, each place of sale is a separate business, separate PNL, and separate profit. And if something happens with one place, it does not affect the entire network. In addition, in a few months, we close all the debts and credit obligations of "Sushi Master".

All of this combined gives our investors peace of mind and confidence in the future.

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Why do you think that the company will be evaluated as you expect?

The estimated value of most companies working in the field of catering is calculated by the formula "annual sales multiplied by 4".

We plan to enter the IPO when we have more than 2,000 restaurants. And the annual turnover will amount to approximately $750 million. Based on this formula, the capitalization of "Sushi Master" by that time will be about $3 billion.

But we focus on more successful cases when planning. For example, the Chinese company Luckin Coffee, which just opened 2,000 restaurants, went to NASDAQ and got a valuation of $5 billion. We strive to repeat their success as much as possible.

And if we manage to accelerate now with the opening of new restaurants, then we should get an assessment no less than they do. But even at an estimated value of $3 billion, the investment growth will increase by 12 times.

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What if you don't make the IPO as scheduled?

The maximum that can happen is that the IPO will happen a year or two later than we want. But even if this happens, we know for sure that the capitalization and financial results of the company, and consequently, the investors’ returns will be great.

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Why should I invest in Sushi Master?

Why do we not doubt the success of Sushi Master? Why are we so sure that we will be able to build a multibillion-dollar international company?

Yes, because we have created a sustainable and profitable business model that fits all the trends of the modern food service market. There are some products that work in Russia, and do not work around the world or vice versa. Rolls are loved everywhere.

In America, this is now the most popular food. In Europe, everyone eats the rolls, in Russia also. Over the past five years interest in the rolls has increased by 34.7%. Furthermore, the trend of eating out also continues to grow. The food delivery market increased by 12% over the year, and "Sushi Master"- by 53,57% over this same period!

That is, we are ALREADY almost three times ahead of this prospective market. We studied the reports. "Deliverers", who does not know, is the courier service of Express delivery in Moscow. Among all the cuisines they have a delivery of rolls that is in the first place. Then there is pizza, burgers... As for the competitors, there are, of course, large competitors in the niche. But none of them has no such ambitions, as we have, there is no involvement of the owner, as we have.

None of them wants to become a leader around the world. So, as you can see, we have everything to become the company number 1 in the world.

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For what purposes are investments attracted?

We have chosen the right niche, accumulated sufficient expertise in management, assembled a team, established key operational processes, and we are ready to open restaurants faster than our own operating cash flow can provide today.

We only need investments for the rapid development of the network. At an early stage, restaurants were opened for credit funds. We currently plan to repay all credit obligations and it is ready to sell a small share of the company.

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How are you going to defeat competitors?

We are fans of effective management and we are convinced that a quality management team with a professional and motivated team will win all the competitors. With such ambitions as we have no one at all, if someone appears, then there is always a place for 2 - 3 leaders in the market. And even if we're second, we'll still make good money.

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What determines the capitalization, why did you estimate yourself at 250 million?

This amount turned out on the basis of two indicators: We have adopted the basic assessment that the market applies for companies already entered their IPO, which is about four annual turnover. This year, our turnover will be about $60 million. This is the assessment where we are confident that the IPO investors will get a good multiplier on their investment, and therefore will have a very good return.

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What is the structure of the co-owners of the company now?

Alex Yanovsky is the main shareholder owning more than 50% of the company.

He is also the CEO of the company. 10% of companies are reserved for managers.

About 200 people own different minority shares. Annual meetings of all co-owners of the company are held, where investors and partners meet, and top managers report on the results of the company and plans for further development. The last summit was held in October 2019 in Istanbul.

The report about it can be viewed at this link.

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Summit 2019. Интервью Партнера

Summit 2019. Интервью Партнера

How long will the offer be available under current conditions?

The need for investment money today is several million dollars. We do not know how long this offer will be available. But as soon as we agree with any of the investors for this amount, the company's share will no longer be sold.

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How much do you plan to sell shares?

The percentage to close our credit obligations is exactly what we need.

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